About Us


International Carton Suppliers Company was founded in 1998. ICS has since grown to become an independently owned broker, packer, and exporter of recovered fiber in the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America. We currently handle thousands of tons of materials and fibers annually, both domestically and overseas.

Our Company has the ability to meet the fiber needs of overseas mills in a timely manner. Our vast production of different grades such as Old Corrugated Containers, Newspaper, Mixed Paper, Sorted Office Paper, Coated Book Stock, and many other grades allows us to provide a quick response and adequate tonnage in a short period of time. We currently buy/sell recovered fiber and paper products directly to and from paper mills around the world.

We certainly believe that we have developed a successful culture of doing business where key elements are efficient communication, excellent logistics and strong relationships with both Customers and suppliers. Our goal is to keep our network confident and motivated to grow with us achieving common objectives.